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Monday, June 22, 2009

Journalists going into PR

I just got an email from a former editor at the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia. She was laid off a few months ago and is still looking for a job:
I'm still major unemployed and money is running out. I've written a couple freelance pieces for The Pilot's home section but it pays for sh*t and does nothing for my writing prowess or ego. I'm trying to support my habit with PR jobs, but there are so many out-of-work journalists, they're all willing to be flaks to bring home a paycheck.
Talented journalists cross over to PR all the time. They write speeches and ad copy and press releases. But the recession coupled with troubles in the industry has led to a mass migration and the public relations job market has apparently been flooded with former journalists defecting to the other side. Some reporters are even trying to juggle both. This is great for the public relations sector since we're basically getting insiders and in some cases, double agents. But it's bad for journalism, which is a bleeding talent. And we must remember that if journalism dies, PR dies too.
-Adrianne (@msfener)