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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On the right of your Twitter window are Trending Topics, all starting with a "#" sign. #iranelection has had a steady top position on this list for over a week now, and when clicked on, you can see real-time results for #iranelection. The amount of involvement from all over the world is astounding, from all perspectives. It is also undeniable. This is because of the concerns expressed by the Eurpean Union and some Western States of the voting process. See Wiki for more details of the conflict around the 10th Presidential Iran Election. One of the candidates for president is Mir-Hossein Mousavi; who has a very active, serious and informative Twitter page with 26,461 followers. With this real-time social media tool and large following, Mousavi is organizing protests and events by the hour. On NYT.com, under The Lede, the Latest Updates on Iran's Disputed Election has been updated hourly since June 12. They are encouraging their readers inside Iran to submit photos and videos.

On The Lede, a response was made by President Obama after a question from Nico Pitney at The Huffington Post because of Web 2.0. The question Nico asked was directly from an Iranian using the internet to solicit questions. This response is also posted on The Huffington Post.

-Jacq (@jacqsmith)