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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Having an Identity Crisis - On Twitter

I sat down several months ago at my desk, cracked my knuckles, took a big drink of coffee and settled down for some hard work. In fact, I had blocked my entire day off for one thing: Twitter. I was determined to launch myself into the world and get myself some tweeps; figure this thing out once and for all. I knew that Twitter was an important part of brand-building, relationship management, SEO and more for my clients. I wanted to add this powerful tool to their communications arsenal, but first I wanted to make sure I had it down on my own. Thus, @mariefayandre was launched. Today, I spend time each day tweeting away with my new friends from around the country. Sometimes I love these tweeps so much I just want to send them cyber-hugs. They really "get" me. I dream about doing a cross-country road trip to visit them. But, I have a tiny problem, an identity crisis of sorts. I have been in public relations and marketing for the last 15 years. I love to network with others, to share information and tap into the vast amounts of knowledge that exist in the minds of fellow marketing professionals. And I have discovered many of these brilliant minds on Twitter. But I am afraid that I am boring them to death, because I love dogs. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid dog mama - I devote nearly all my spare time to rescue, care, love, feed, pet, wash, walk, run, snuggle my dogs and foster dogs. My breed of choice (although I am not exclusive in my love) is the misunderstood pit bull. Do you have any idea how many people love these dogs? Well, I do. We've found each other on Twitter. Sure, I try to create balance in my tweets. I want to be valuable to my marketing tweeps and connect with them on a professional and personal level. Yet, I love to tell my dog tweeps about my latest dog drama, rescued dogs that need homes and ask for advice on dog diet, training and behavior. So, what's a girl to do? I wish I could run two identities from my Tweetdeck. I could conceivably have three different browsers up with three different handles going at once. But somehow, it seems a little false. That's one thing I really love about Twitter - the honesty. Marketing tweeps - I sure hope you love dogs. I am not trying to be annoying with all the canine talk - I am just being myself (and if you ever want to adopt a dog, you know who to DM first). I hope I provide some value to your day in spite of my distraction with all things doggie. Dog tweeps - who couldn't use a few PR and marketing tips here and there? Plus, I know you love me anyway. We're in this together. Maybe an identity crisis is a good thing. Maybe it helps us find out who we really are. And maybe, just maybe, there's room on Twitter for a dog-crazy PR gal.